Welcome to Glazing Films Ltd for Glass Insulation and Solar Protection

We are 100% NZ owned and independant window film company. We have been operating in the New Zealand Window Film Industry since 1981. This enables us to ensure customer satisfaction by installing products that are manufactured only by the worlds leading USA & UK manufacturers. Lifetime Warranties available for your assurance.

Climate Control Window Films

Our thermal insulation window films transforms a single pane of glass to that of a double pane window and of a double pane window close to that of a triple pane, all without the expense, inconvenience and impact on the environment as a result of window frame and glass replacement, with a faster pay-back for your investment, including the protection to that of our Solar Window Films.

Solar Window Films

Help reduce heat and improve summer cooling, control glare, provide 99% UV block reducing fading, reduce energy costs, add privacy with a variety of one-way films or to enhance your home or office with any one of our solar series window films. Glazing Films can provide solutions for a variety of home and office environments.

Frosting Films and Graphics

Frosting films are a cost effective and creatively flexible. They function as a feature or as a privacy barrier and can enhance the look and feel of your home or business. Glazing Films has a wide range of frosted films that will compliment any situation including: balustrades, front entrances, glass partitions, including patterns and designs.


Squid is the very first self-adhesive transparent textile for windows:

Used for spaces with a textured view from outside or for a touch of privacy, for windows with special shapes (round, triangular, …) or for windows with no space to attach a hanging system.

Squid is a very modern solution to decorate a window and is similar to the effect of frosted glass or a net curtain. Squid has been developed to also function in rooms with a high level of humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Colours available are: Chalk: Bone: Oak: Ash & Rock.

Choose a neutral colour like Chalk or Bone that will go well in sleek, minimalist surroundings or with an elegant, refined interior. ideal for modern interiors and suits lighter rooms with off-white and other soft colours. Oak would be perfect for rustic interiors and helps create a cosy atmosphere. The light grey ASH has an industrial feel and looks good in rooms with metal and concrete and will complement modern interiors. Rock has the most texture of all the available colours and suits darker rooms and creates an intimate, peaceful atmosphere.

Safety & Security Film

Where glass safety upgrades are required, there is a selection of Safety and Security films to conform to the New Zealand building code F2 - Hazardous Building Materials for building upgrades that require code of compliance or improve home and business security that will appeal to building owners, property managers, banks and jewelry shops for occupant and property safety and security.

Glass Gallery

Glass Gallery frame-less artworks are a fantastic way to lift and transform a look in your home or office. The beauty and diversity that glass gallery artwork can bring into a space is truly amazing. Frame-less glass artworks for an unique artwork to become the centre of attention in any room or space, inside or outside.  Visit www.theglassgallery.co.nz for more information.

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